Flexible 3D Scanning System

Versatile in Use Across Applications
HDI Scan

While commercial 3D scanning systems have typically been expensive and limited to specific objects they can scan, the HDI Advance is an affordable 3D scanning system that is versatile across many applications. The system uses structured-light technology to take measurements of a physical object in 3D space and delivers stunning high-resolution digital 3D scans with accuracy. Multiple scans are stitched together to create a complete 3D representation of the part.

Scan Organic Shapes

Great for Scanning Objects with Organic Shapes

Scans even complex parts with freeform surfaces that is difficult for digitizers such as contact probe to scan.

Fast Scan Speed

Fast Scan Speed with Full Field Scanning in 1 Second

Captures the full field of the object in just one scan for faster scanning time. A single scan is produced in about 1 second.

Built-in Post Processing

Built-in Post Processing for Scan Data Cleanup

Acquires 3D scans and processes the scan data (align, merge, and cleanup) for a seamless 3D scanning experience.

Seamless 3D Scanning Experience

From 3D Scanning to Post-Processing


Capturing Unit

A tripod mounting system is included for stability and portability.

Takes information needed to obtain 3D measurements of the physical object.


FlexScan3D Software

Powerful 3D scanning engine that powers the HDI 3D scanners.

Scan data acquisition, scan cleanup, and merge scans into a full digital 3D model.


Export for Industry Applications

Export to standard file formats: PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX.

Import into reverse engineering or inspection software for further use.

3D Scanner Model Comparison

Select the model most suitable for your projects.

HDI Advance R1x


1.1 million points/scan
(2.2 million polygons)


Up to 60 microns/scan

Scan Speed

1.3 seconds

HDI Advance R3x


2.6 million points/scan
(5.2 million polygons)


Up to 40 microns/scan

Scan Speed

1.2 seconds

HDI Advance R5x


4.9 million points/scan
(10.1 million polygons)


Up to 25 microns/scan

Scan Speed

1.2 seconds

Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Scanning Technology

Flexibility for users to easily adapt the system to fit their needs.
flexible scanning

Flexible 3D Scanning

While conventional 3D scanning systems typically scan objects of a similar size, the HDI Advance has the ability to scan objects of different shapes and sizes with an adjustable field of view.

color scanning

Color Scanning

Upgrade the system from monochrome to color cameras to capture color and texture of scan objects. Digital 3D models in color are especially useful for 3D visualization and modeling applications.

automated scanning

Automate 3D Scanning Process

Reduce scan time by using the rotary table system. Automate the process of performing multiple scans of a single object, and aligning and mergeing the scans to form a 360° model.

scalable solution

Scalable Solution

The system adapts to different scanning scenarios. As your scanning needs change over time, upgrade the scanner’s cameras and lenses to improve scanning performance without buying a new system.

Technical Support Packages

Additional help is available
technical support packages

The purchase of HDI Advance 3D Scanner includes updates to FlexScan3D software for one year. Additional support packages are also available for further assistance:

One Year Priority Technical Support
  • Email support: Priority email response rate is answered within 24 business hours of receiving the correspondence.
  • One phone call with remote computer access: Our technical specialist logs into your computer using remote access technology to help you with setting up the 3D scanner or scanning an object.
  • Two phone support calls up to 45 minutes each.
On-Site Training

We offer one-on-one assistance to help you get started on 3D scanning. Training can take place either at Innovia3D’s head office in Elmhurst, Illinois or at your facility.

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