What We Do

What We Do
We solve complex industry challenges by combining our 3D scanning and inspection expertise with cutting-edge technology. We partner with companies, academic institutions, and government organizations across United States on projects related to product development, factory automation, 3D modeling, and measurement analysis.

Our Solutions


We are problem solvers.

3D scanning and inspection services are ideal for companies that don’t have internal capabilities to accomplish these projects in-house. Your staff to focus on their core competencies while leaving the 3D expertise to us.

Services include:


We are a technology provider.

Companies requiring 3D scanning, 3D modeling, or inspection regularly should consider purchasing equipment for internal use as a cost-effective solution. We can set up the system, provide extensive technical support, and train your staff.

Products Include:

Systems Integration

We are a strategic partner.

Got a unique manufacturing problem and don’t know where to start? With our engineering background, we have proven industry experience to help you with automation challenges that boost productivity and competitiveness.

Solutions include:

Our Process

We deliver end-to-end solutions that meet business objectives and ensure your company’s success

Understanding Your Needs

We take a comprehensive approach in getting a thorough understanding of the project. We take all factors into consideration by assessing the challenges, requirements, and stakeholders.

Delivering the Right Solution

After a complete assessment, we present options that fit best for your business. We take feedback into consideration and collaborate with your team to implement the solution.

Long-Term Commitment

Our passion is to provide the best value with exceptional customer service. We will make sure your staff is well trained on the solution and we are always available for further assistance.

Our Mission

We deliver the following commitments to our clients

Lasting Results

As 3D scanners and software are becoming increasingly affordable, we want to partner with you to solve complex technical challenges using the cutting-edge 3D scanning technology that delivers lasting value for your company in the long run.


We pride ourselves in having open and honest communication with our clients through collaboration. We want to prove that we are your trusted 3D solutions partner that you can call us for help anytime.


At Innovia3D, we are not restricted to the technologies we offer. With technology partners worldwide, we have access to different solutions to ensure that we use the right technology for your project.

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