geomagic capture

Small Yet Powerful

Robust solution for creating highly accurate 3D models with precision detail

Geomagic Capture is a powerful system for scan-based design or quality inspection. The system consists of a compact blue light LED 3D scanner along with application-specific software for end-to-end integration. With its unprecedented performance and affordability, the 3D scanner sets a new standard for design-to-manufacturing productivity and utility.

Compact and Portable

Compact and Portable

Fits easily on a desk, yet it’s rugged enough for the shop floor. Transport the scanner in your carry-on for travel convenience.

Truly Affordable

Truly Affordable

Get the accuracy, scanning size envelope, and ease of use you need to adopt scan-based design or inspection for your business.

Simple Setup

Simple Setup

No calibration or other setup is required. Simply take it out, plug it in, install the software, and you’re ready to scan.

A Complete Package

3D Scanning to Industry Use
3D Capture Hardware

Portable desktop 3D scanner
(Select from either Capture or Capture Mini Model)

Capture Hardware
Geomagic Software

Acquires scan data and delivers advanced post-processing capabilities
(Select from Wrap, Design X, SolidWorks Plugin, or Control)

Geomagic Software Chart

3D Scanner Model Comparison

Select the scanner according to the part size you plan to scan

Software Comparison

Select your downstream application
Geomagic Software screenshot
Geomagic Capture for Wrap
Scan-based design

Scan, mesh, and surface objects into 3D models in minutes: point cloud, mesh editing, automatic, and exact surfacing tools.

Capture or Capture Mini Geomagic Wrap software

Geomagic Capture for Design X
Scan-based design

Create CAD models and transfer them with complete feature trees, to Siemens NS, PTC Creo, Pro/E, Inventor, and SolidWorks.

Capture or Capture Mini Geomagic Design X software

Geomagic Capture for SolidWorks (plug-in)
Scan-based design

Start with existing objects to create new products or alter old ones. Save valuable time without designing from scratch.

Capture or Capture Mini SolidWorks add-in software

Geomagic Capture for Control
Scan-based inspection

Rapid automated inspection of multiple samples of the same part. Program it once and let Control do the inspection.

Capture or Capture Mini Geomagic Control software

Geomagic Capture

Integrated, Industrial-Grade 3D Scanner and Software Systems

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